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I, too have heard that the RC pays high executive slaraies. I would like to donate to Children s Promise that pays for orphans to be cared for in foreign countries, and Operation Blessing where much of the labor is donated. These were originated by the 700 Club, and I would like very much to donate to them. If that is not possible, please direct my donations to the Salvation Army. Thank you.

Congratulations to Craig and his team at ISDR on the launch of PreventionWeb the beta visreon looks very good and user friendly, and of course, it is nice to see that it complements the relief and response focus of ReliefWeb and is tailored to the unique information needs, issues and challenges of the disaster reduction and prevention community. I feel that we might be on the verge of another tipping point (like the fortuitous timing in 1996) when a convergence of initiatives, innovations, culture change, and problems that can no longer be ignored come together to make some small but significant progress. Like Paul, I look forward to seeing how the site develops and will do what I can to contribute to and promote and support the project.Dennis KingAnalyst, Humanitarian Information UnitUS Department of StateWashington DCPS. On my front, I am making slow but some progress on the prototype development of WebVISTA a humanitarian situational visualization and analysis tool

At last, somenoe comes up with the "right" answer!
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